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Network Management Policy

LigTel Communications, Inc. (“Ligtel”) provides this disclosure in its good faith effort to comply with the requirement of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) regarding the open and non-discriminatory use of the Internet by its customers and the use of reasonable network management practices to ensure an open Internet.  As such, Ligtel will, in good faith, manage its network and provide access in accordance with the FCC’s Open Internet Rules and will comply, in good faith, with any future rules adopted by the FCC.

In adopting its Open Internet Rules, the FCC sought to ensure that our end users had certain information regarding the management of our Internet services.  This policy statement, in conjunction with our privacy policy, acceptable use policy and the commercial terms and conditions that we provide on our web site, are aimed at meeting these objectives.

Ligtel reserves the right to update and modify these policies and our terms and conditions as well as our network management practices from time to time.  Thus, we encourage you to visit our website periodically to review our practices.


Ligtel shall make available public information on its website (www.ligtel.com) regarding its network management practices, performance and commercial terms of its service sufficient for consumers to make an informed choice regarding their use of such services.

Ligtel will not unjustly or unreasonably prevent or interfere with competition among Content, Applications, Service, or Device Providers.

Network Management and Security

Ligtel manages it network without regard to the specific type of network traffic, application or end user.  Ligtel does not block or rate-control specific protocols or ports.  Additionally, Ligtel does not inhibit or favor certain application or classes of applications.

Ligtel uses generally accepted technical measures to provide acceptable service levels to all customers, such as application-neutral bandwidth allocation, as well as measures to address service attacks, illegal content and other harmful activities to protect network integrity and reliability.

Ligtel monitors overall usage to efficiently manage the capacity of our network to ensure a sustainable quality broadband service is provided to all of our customers.  Ligtel maintains the ability to implement reasonable practices to ensure network security and integrity, including by addressing traffic that is harmful to the network or traffic that is unwanted by the end users of our Internet service.  Our discussion above of our network monitoring efforts is one such example.

Should congestion due to malfunctioning hardware and/or software occur, Ligtel will undertake reasonable efforts to remedy that congestion.  At the same time, should such congestion occur as a result of a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, Ligtel reserves the right to take all necessary actions to remedy such violations as stated in our Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use

Ligtel’s Acceptable Use Policy is located at www.ligtel.com. Our Acceptable Use Policy provides a more specific discussion and should be consulted by you.  In general, however, it is not acceptable to use the Ligtel network for any purpose that violates local, state or federal laws or to transmit communications that might be highly offensive or damaging to any recipients or to use the service in a manner that is unintended.  Likewise, it is not acceptable to interfere with, violate, circumvent, misuse, distribute or disrupt network users, equipment, or services, which include but are not limited to the following types of conduct:

  • Attempts to obtain or actually obtaining unauthorized access to any network or account. This includes accessing data not intended for end user customers, logging into a server or account without being expressly authorized to access or probing the security of other networks.
  • Attempts to interfere or actually inferring with the Ligtel’s Internet Service of others including users, hosts and networks. This includes “denial of service” attacks, “flooding” of networks, deliberate attempts to overload a Service and attempts to “crash” any host.
  • Attempts to resell or actually reselling any Ligtel’s Retail Internet Services, without Ligtel’s written consent.
  • Attempts to distribute or actually distributing Ligtel Internet Services beyond the scope of your end-user account.
  • Using any equipment, accessory, apparatus, circuit or devices that are harmful to the network, shall not be attached to or connected with Ligtel facilities.
  • Attempts to circumvent or actually circumventing copyright laws and regulation, including the unauthorized download of music, video, images, books, software or content and/or other copyright protected works.

Ligtel provides Spam filtering with each customer’s email address.  Details of this service are listed on Ligtel’s website.  Ligtel will not ask you for your password in an unsolicited telephone call or email. If you believe your password has been compromised, you should immediately change your password to prevent the unauthorized use of it.

Privacy Policies

The Ligtel’s Privacy Policy is located at http://www2.ligtel.com/policies/privacy-policy.html.

No Blocking.

Ligtel does not block lawful content, applications, services, or non‑harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management.  Additionally, Ligtel does not block users from accessing lawful web sites, subject to our reasonable network management practices nor does Ligtel block applications that may compete with either Ligtel’s or one of its affiliate’s voice service products, subject again to our reasonable network management practices.

No Unreasonable Discrimination

Ligtel does not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic over a consumer’s broadband Internet access service.  For purposes of applying this FCC requirement, Ligtel notes that the application of our reasonable network management practices shall not constitute unreasonable discrimination.

Commercial Pricing Terms and Conditions

Please click on the following website link for pricing information (including monthly prices, usage-based fees, and fees for early termination or additional network services) and the terms and conditions of the service: http://www2.ligtel.com/policies/subscriber-agreement.html

Device Attachment

Ligtel allows end users that subscribe to our Internet service to connect any ordinary and typical consumer device to the end users side of the demarcation point between Ligtel’s network and the end user’s location provided that such attachment does not harm our network.

Suitability for Real Time Applications

All of Ligtel’s Internet service offerings can be used for real time applications.  However, performance of those applications may improve at higher transmission speeds.

Reasonable Network Management Practice Defined.

We use the following definition for what we consider to be a reasonable network management practice -- A network management practice is reasonable if it is appropriate and tailored to achieving a legitimate network management purpose, taking into account the particular network architecture and technology of the broadband Internet access service.  For example, Ligtel may block spam or other unsolicited bulk email. 

Service Description.

Ligtel provides internet services using multiple technologies on based on availability at a subscriber’s service location using one of the following technologies :

  1. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (“ADSL”) technology that uses copper wire.
  2. Fiber High Speed Service technology that uses fiber optic cable.
  3. Fixed Wire Service technology that uses both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

Expected and Actual Transmission Speed

Based upon internal testing conducted by Ligtel, the actual expected performance for Ligtel’s service offerings are reasonably expected to be as follows:

Wireless Packages
Package Advertised Speed Busy Hour
Platinum 7 Mbps Down /2 Mbps Up 5.6 Mbps Down / 1.8 Mbps Up
Gold 3 Mbps Down / 1 Mbps Up 2.6 Mbps Down / 868 kbps Up
Silver 1 Mbps Down / 384 kbps Up 924 kbps Down / 316kbps Up
Fiber Packages
Package Advertised Speed Busy Hour
Platinum 20 Mbps Down / 19.5 Mbps Up 19 Mbps Down / 17.55 Mbps Up
Gold 6 Mbps Down / 5.5 Mbps Up 5.4 Mbps Down / 4.95 Mbps Up
Silver 1.5 Mbps Down / 1.0 Mbps Up 1.35 Mbps Down / 900 kbps Up
DSL Packages
Package Advertised Speed Busy Hour
DSL Advanced 3.0 Mbps Down / 512 kbps Up 2.7 Mbps Down / 460 kbps Up
DSL 1.5 Mbps Down / 256 kbps Up 1.35 Mbps Down / 230 kbps Up
DSL Lite 768 kbps Down / 128 kbps Up 691 kbps Down / 115 kbps Up

This information is based upon the mean upload and download speeds in megabits per second during the “busy hour” between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on weeknights

Expected and Actual Latency

Based upon internal testing Ligtel, the actual expected performance for Ligtel’s service offerings are reasonably expected to be as follows:

  Service Expected Busy Hour
  Wireless 35 ms 59 ms
  Fiber 2 ms 5 ms
  DSL 40 ms 60 ms
All pings from customer premise to mail.ligtel.com

This information is based upon the mean round trip latency during the “busy hour” between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on weeknights.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about network management or these disclosures you can go to www.ligtel.com for more information about contacting our customer service personnel to express your concerns.  If this does not resolve your question or concerns, please contact Ligtel customer service at:  (260) 894-7200.


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