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You call it "Home."
We make it CONNECTED.

Your home is your castle - but with connections provided by LigTel Communications home services, it transforms into a command center for your life!

Enjoy Endless
Entertainment Possibilities

Sports, news, children's programming and everything in between, with some premium channels available for added variety.

LigTel Communications Presents
The Next GIG Thing

Coming to a fiber-fed service area near you!

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We connect with family. Friends. Coworkers. Customers. Clients. Vendors. The world. Connections bring us entertainment, education, business, social engagement. Our connections matter, and how we make them matters too. Fiber connections from LigTel mean fast, effective, clear communications to all the connections we value. Connections = LigTel.


Communication packages customized for your lifestyle with clear and convenient single billing.


Internet offerings for northeastern Indiana, from northeastern Indiana Television.


Programming and packages for every home and business application.



Life is busy, life is complicated, and life occasionally gets expensive. Lucky for you, communications services from LigTel are none of the above.

LigTel bundles offer the perfect balance between 'want' and 'need'! Our flexible bundles let you find the right package for your lifestyle paired with the right pricing for your budget. Choose your baseline bundle (combinations of Internet, television and telephone services), then customize it with optional add-ons like additional channel tiers and higher speeds.
The ultimate communications platform, LigTel's Internet services power your family's passions, professions and play! With a diverse network of wireless, DSL and fiber-to-the-home delivery, LigTel Internet reaches Noble, Lagrange, Elkhart, Kosciusko, Whitley, Dekalb, and Steuben counties in northeastern Indiana.
TV from LigTel lets you watch the world unfold from the comfort of your living room. With crisp, clear 100% digital delivery, hundreds of standard channels, available premium channels, and DVR capabilities, LigTel television lets you see it all, just the way you want it.
When it rings, you still answer. Even with phones that travel in our pockets, there's comfort and safety in having a home phone that works even when the power's out. LigTel's affordable local calling and long distance plans offer flexibility and features.

Business Services

When it comes to connecting your business, nobody beats LigTel. From our first phone lines in 1896 to the split-second speed of our fiberoptic network, we're the local leaders in telecommunications services.


The lifeblood of your business - network, POS, inventory, website - should rest with the best. LigTel.


When an email won't do, a phone call will. Telephone services from LigTel Communications give voice to your business.


From providing downtime for employees to keeping your staff abreast of world and business news developments, LigTel television is the right choice for business TV applications.

From fiber to phone lines, LigTel can connect you!

Contact us today about our bundles and individual telecommunications services.


About Us

At LigTel, we're friendly local faces - Ligonier and Hoosier - state proud! - committed to serving the people of Noble, Lagrange, Elkhart, Dekalb, Steuben, Kosciusko, and Whitley counties here in northern Indiana.

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